Lego Captain America

Two and a Half Minutes of Awesome

February 6, 2012 by

There have been a lot of bad-ass Lego animations since the advent of YouTube. And rightfully so — who doesn’t want to see what we all imagined Legos were when playing with them as kids? The last really good fan-made Lego clip that comes to mind was a spot-on version of Gears of War using stop motion animation with Legos called “Bricks of War,” which featured tons of headshots, a chainsaw kill, and even a pretty sweet Hammer of Dawn kill on a Corpser.

But that was months ago, and we as Americans need more now! (America! Fuck Yeah!) The latest and now greatest stop motion YouTube hit is “Lego Captain America”, which is two and a half minutes of non-stop, violent action that’s at least one minute longer than any of the action scenes from last summer’s blockbuster film. We might have been split here over our thoughts on the latest Captain America film, but there’s no question that Lego Captain America is awesome and worth watching.