L.A. Noire and Inception Mash-up

Fan-Made Trailer Turns the Crime Game into a Thriller

May 3, 2011 by

Gamers are starting to get antsy with only two weeks left before the release of Rockstar Games’ latest blockbuster title “L.A. Noire” on May 17th. One gamer in particular by the name of took his anticipation to the next level and has created a mash-up of L.A. Noire trailers and Zack Hemsey’s epic “Mind Heist” song used in the Inception trailer.

Basically, you can add “Mind Heist” to any trailer and make it bad-ass, you just have to make sure a couple of the cuts are timed right to match the song. That’s not taking anything away from TacticProductionz who did a great job cutting together the L.A. Noire / Inception mash-up and realizing what great match the two were. The trailer was even good enough that Rockstar Games put it on their official website’s blog.

There’s sure to be tons more crazy fan-made machinima after the release of the full game when people will have access to more than just footage from trailers. Check out the full high-def version of TacticProductionz’ mash-up below.