‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Official Gameplay Video

We finally get a look at how the three characters work.

July 9, 2013 by

After almost two years of teasing, Rockstar has finally released a first look at Grand Theft Auto V‘s gameplay to the public. Giving gamers “a touch of voyeurism,” players for the first time ever will be able to play as three different main characters in the game; Trevor, Franklin, and Michael.

Not only does the latest trailer finally give a look at how the three character switching mechanic will work, but it also has a ton of quick subtle looks at new features such as:

  • Carrying multiple weapons of same type
  • Mini-map view variations such as showing the inside of the building you’re in
  • Gun sounds now being marked on the mini-map
  • Hitching trailers and boats to some vehicles
  • A pet store
  • New sniper interface
  • Rappelling mechanics
  • More car/vehicle and character customization
  • Golf, Hunting, Shooting Range, Tennis, Biking, and Base Diving

Check out the official gameplay trailer to get a look at all the new features listed above. Grand Theft Auto V is set for release in only two months on September 17, 2013; so expect more news soon regarding the new Grand Theft Auto Online multiplayer that is teased at the end of the trailer.