Human Element Trailer Revealed

We certainly weren't expecting this...

December 6, 2014 by

At The Game Awards this year we got a first look at the highly anticipated upcoming zombie game Human Element. That anticipation might have just died for many because what was shown off in the first “gameplay” trailer looks nothing like what most were expecting.

Based on this first look, Human Element will focus less on realistic personal interactions between real people and instead be a fast-paced cartoony shoot ’em up inspired by the likes of Rage, Borderlands, Bulletstorm, and Mad Max.

President of Robotoki, Robert Bowling, left his role as Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward after Modern Warfare 3 and when questioned why his response was, “Too much pew pew not enough new new.” Hearing this from Bowling gave many gamers hope for his future in the industry, but after the episodic prequel of Human Element that was supposed to be released exclusively on the Ouya was canceled, the future of the game was left in question. Now we have our first look, and one complaint many will have is ironically going to be “Too much pew pew.”

Human Element is set for release in November 2015 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.