Modern Warfare 3 Redemption Trailer Promises Another Epic Campaign

October 7, 2011 by

With just over a month till its likely record-shattering (again) release on November 8, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s yearlong advertising war against EA’s challenger Battlefield 3 (which made some not-so-subtle jabs at CoD in its latest trailer) is winding down and hitting the home stretch before the actual showdown strikes, when we forget about the talking and decide on the walking. Activision has just released a new trailer that gives us a deeper look at the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, which promises to be at least another epic action-adventure, if not the best, in the franchise.

It’s these types of trailers that really get me wet. As much of a bigger gamer I used to be and as much love I still have for gaming, I’m more of a movie man now, but go ahead and call me a Call of Duty fanboy because I absolutely love the interactive cinematic experiences that Infinity Ward or Treyarch shoves down our throats annually. Gamers who appreciate the Modern Warfare single-player offerings will recognize a couple of familiar voices in the new MW3 trailer… that is if they’re not too busy watching some of its messed up crap and awesome sequences.