Heavy Rain Devs Tease Potential of Future Games with “Kara”

Posted by on March 8, 2012

To demonstrate what they could do with their performance capture technology in 2006, David Cage and the rest of the Quantic Dream team released a short demo video called “The Casting.” Made with the objective to recreate not only the likeness of a living actor, but its complete acting performance, the demo blew people’s minds and would later be turned into Quantic Dream’s next game and one of 2010′s most original and best games, Heavy Rain.

With far better technology and everyone waiting to see what they’ve been working on since Heavy Rain, Cage presented their latest project at this year’s Game Developers Conference. Simply titled “Kara”, the seven-minute video showcases an amazing range of emotions capable of being displayed in real time on the PlayStation 3 and bringing tears to many viewers’ eyes.

Unfortunately, Kara is currently just a concept and not related to any games currently in development by Quantic.

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