Heavy Rain (2010)Extra Scenes During the Credits

Game Details

Release Date: February 23, 2010
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer(s): Quantic Dream
Actor(s): Pascal Langdale (Ethan Mars), Judi Beecher (Madison Paige), Sam Douglas (Scott Shelby), Leon Ockenden (Norman Jayden), Mike Powers (Carter Blake), Ginnie Watson (Grace Mars)
Platform(s): PlayStation 3
ESRB: M for Mature
Website(s): Official Site, Facebook
Our Review: 4.5 out of 5
Game Length: N/A
Credits Length: 7 minutes

During the Credits

The start of the credits features various scenes from throughout the game. The scenes shown during the credits are always the same, despite which different story arcs the player chooses during the course of the game. After the scenes, the basic credits roll with rain dripping in the background.

After the Credits

There are no extras after the credits of Heavy Rain, besides a dedication which says “To Quentin & Ulysse without whom life wouldn’t be life…”

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