Quantic Dream’s Detroit Revealed

Tech Demo Kara is Back in the Motor City

October 28, 2015 by

Like many, we’re huge fans of Quantic Dream’s games and tech teasers. We’ve seen numerous tech demos teasing visually-stunning cinematics from the developer in between the same team releasing great games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Quantic’s most beloved tech demo, Kara, teased gamers 3 years ago by breaking their hearts with an emotional scene depicting the assembly of an android with human-like emotions. Unfortunately, Quantic then broke viewer’s hearts again when confirming that said teaser was only a concept and not related to any games in development.

But today, at Sony’s Paris Game Show presser, the team at Quantum revealed that Kara is officially being developed into a full triple-A game. Now, going under the new name, Detroit, Kara is back as the main character telling “their” story of androids who “Become Human” living as servants in a near-future version of Detroit.

No release date was announced for the new PlayStation 4 exclusive… so don’t expect to “Become Human” in Detroit any time soon.