God of War Secret Site Updated

Meter Getting Closer to Being Full

March 29, 2010 by

If you’ve been following all the God of War news over the past two weeks, then you’ve probably seen the secret Spartans Stand Tall website. While it isn’t huge news, the site has been slightly updated over the past few days with the storm now stronger and the circle meter in the upper right-hand corner now 1/2 full.

There has been a lot of speculation over what the meter is counting down to (DLC, sequel, movie, etc.) and also what exactly the meter is using as a measurement to count down. At first it was believed that the circle was counting how many people have unlocked the platinum trophy for God of War III, since the website is revealed after the trophy is awarded; but now that doesn’t seem likely since the counter has only moved once and that was jumping from 1/4 full to 1/2 full.

The other theory was that the meter was based on the 12-month calendar year, since it started off at 1/4 full in March; however, that also seems to no longer make sense seeing as how it’s jumped to 1/2 full and we’re still in March. Hopefully the next update to the site will give us a little more of a hint.