God of War IV: Modern Warfare?

Hidden Video on Disc Teases Sequel

March 23, 2010 by

With the recent release of God of War III and mysterious website http://www.godofwar.com/spartansstandtall, rumors have been spreading through the internet as to what the next title in the series will be. Sony Santa Monica has stated that while God of War III is the last in the current story arc, that it will not be the last game in the series hinting that the next game will feature a new hero.

What many might not know is that featured on the God of War collection disc is a “Fate of the Titan” video that can be unlocked after beating the game on Spartan Mode. The video shows present day footage as the narrator (Gai) explains that “All myths need not be from ancient times” as a band of explorers are shown finding and opening Pandora’s Temple. The video ends with Gai saying, “Soon as with all great myths, a new hero will emerge.”


It is worth noting that the video says Chronos the Titan lives another thousand years after the first God of War, but Chronos is actually killed in God of War III by Kratos.

It is also worth noting that the skull of Chronos has a hole in it, in the exact same location that Kratos stabs and kills Chronos with the Blade of Olympus in God of War III.