Gears of War 3 at E3 2010

Gameplay Footage of the New 4-Player Co-Op Campaign

June 15, 2010 by

CliffyB brought out the big guns when debuting gameplay footage of Gears of War 3 for yesterday’s Microsoft E3 press conference. The demo shown at the conference gave us a look at how the new 4-player co-op campaign works as Cliff and others from the Epic Games team worked together to take down an army of new mutated lambent locust. It also seems like CliffyB has listened to fan’s complaints about the absence of berserkers in the second game. Now in Gears 3, there won’t just be berserkers, but lambent berserkers that put their previous form to shame.

And of course, good ol’ CliffyB wasn’t just going to debut his new baby without showing off one new trick. Gears 2 had human meat shields and plantable grenades; Gears 3 combines the two and gives players the ability to grab enemies as meat shields, plant grenades on them, then kick them away before they explode. Check out IGN’s footage of the demo below.