First Look at Ryse

Microsoft Finally Reveals Gameplay at E3 2013

June 10, 2013 by

Over the past three years, we’ve seen one game teased over and over again at Microsoft’s E3 media briefing. Initially called  Codename Kingdoms in 2010, the game’s title was then changed to Ryse and teased as an excuse to finally buy a Kinect at last year’s show. Now, with Microsoft finally giving us a look at the gameplay, it seems like the Kinect features have been removed (or at least greatly reduced) and replaced with more obvious button quick-time events.

Last year’s preview had showed that the game plays from the first-person perspective, so the new third-person view looks like yet another big change that has taken place over the past year during its development. Along with the amount of QTEs, the change in view seems to take a bit of the potential immersion away, but Ryse (from the studio behind Crysis) still looks visually stunning with events you’d expect from a big-budget Hollywood movie that really show off the power of the Xbox One.

Check out the first look at gameplay of Microsoft’s exclusive new title Ryse.