Final Fantasy ‘Angi’s Philosophy’ from E3 2012

Square Enix's Stunning Real-Time Tech Demo

June 12, 2012 by

Aside from Epic Games just unveiling their Unreal Engine 4 and leading the way to a better looking future for gamers with technology that most developers next generation will be using to power their games, there wasn’t much else in terms of future graphics engines and consoles shown off at this year’s E3. But away from all the big displays and flashing lights, Square Enix secretly debuted their own evolution in real-time technology behind closed doors that has show-stealer written all over it.

The “Agni’s Philosophy” footage, which was shown to a select few behind closed doors at E3 this year, teases what the next Final Fantasy game could potentially look like with breathtaking real-time visuals powered by Square Enix’s new Luminous Studio engine on next-gen systems like the PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720. Check out the full four-minute trailer below, and get ready to be blown away by the idea that within a couple years you could be playing a game that looks like this during actual gameplay and not just pre-rendered cutscenes.