Crysis Goes Back to the Future

Free User-Created Mod Allows for Time Travel

November 24, 2009 by

Most people have never heard of the video game Crysis, because most people will never own a computer capable of playing Crysis. Released back in 2007, Crysis is a science fiction first person shooter based in the year 2020, where an ancient alien spacecraft has been discovered by North Korea beneath the ground on an island in the East Philippines. The player takes control of a U.S. Army Special Forces unit named Nomad as the United States invades the island in an effort to stop the North Koreans from discovering the advanced technology of the aliens and potentially using it against the world.

The clear advantage that Crysis has over every other game ever made is the graphics. There’s no game that comes close to Crysis’ graphics and even top of the line gaming computers are not able to run the game on its highest settings. The power behind the Crytek Engine is insane, and to prove it, a recent mod has been released based on the popular franchise Back to the Future. The mod allows the player to drive a fully functional DeLorean that is capable of time travel when hitting 88 mph… That’s right, instant time travel in a video game. Even if you’re not a fan of video games, you have to check out this video, especially the end!

You can download the full mod here and play it yourself if you already own Crysis. If not, you can still check out the video below. Hit the jump for the full video.