Bad Ass Trailer

Danny Trejo is Epic Beard Man

December 27, 2011 by

I find this one hard to believe and still can’t believe that this isn’t a fake trailer parody from Funny or Die or SNL. But apparently this is in fact a real movie that’s happening with Danny Trejo starring as one of 2010’s biggest internet memes, the Epic Beard Man.

In case you have no idea who or what Epic Beard Man is: Back in February 2010 a video surfaced on YouTube of a 67-year-old white man with a massive beard and t-shirt reading “I am a motherfucker” getting into a verbal argument with a much younger black man on a bus. The argument turned more hostile when the black man got in the old white man’s face and attacked him, leading to a surprising twist where the old man actually beats him in a fist fight.

The main YouTube video is about to pass 5.5 million views and Hollywood is looking to cash in with a slightly tweaked version that will most likely be released straight to video. Bad Ass looks to remove some of the racial tension by casting Danny Trejo as the star, who gets attacked by some skinheads. The shirt Trejo is wearing also seems to be missing the “motherfucker” part, but at least he still has his fanny pack, which hopefully won’t offend anyone.