Zack Synder Reveals the Batmobile and Ben Affleck as Batman

Director Gives a First Monochrome Look via Twitter

May 13, 2014 by

Yesterday, director Zack Synder teased fans on Twitter by asking if today could be the right time to pull the tarp back on the Batmobile. Staying true to his word, not only has Synder revealed more of the Batmobile, but he’s gone ahead and revealed Ben Affleck in the full costume.

The pictures from Synder are shot with his monochrome camera, so the actual colors are still a mystery… but it’s clear that the fan-favorite Frank Miller Batman costume style has been matched very appropriately. While the new look features the older short ears and bigger chest logo, it doesn’t seem like the old school blue and gray colors are going to be used.

Some fans have begun releasing their own colored versions of the teaser to help give an even better idea of what the final design might look like.