Wolfenstein: The New Order Revealed

Bethesda Announces Remake with a Nazi Robots Trailer

May 7, 2013 by

With E3 just a month away, one of the biggest publishers at the show, Bethesda, have announced another big game that they’ve been secretly working on. After a poor attempt to relaunch the series back in 2009 with Raven Software, Bethesda is looking to another new developer, MachineGames, to once again bring fans back to Wolfenstein, but this time with even more evil Nazi robots.

The latest cinematic trailer doesn’t show any actual gameplay, but there’s Nazi robots and Jimi Hendrix… what else could you want from a trailer? Wolfenstein: The New Order will be using id’s Tech 5 engine (hopefully the texture pop-ins have been fixed) and is set for release Q4 2013 on current and next-gen systems. Check out the latest screenshots and trailer for the game below.