Until Dawn Gameplay and Trailer

New Footage from the 2014 PlayStation Experience

December 6, 2014 by

With the demand for survival horror growing we’ve seen an increased demand in games from the genre of the past couple years. Now, Sony has given us another first look at the gameplay of Until Dawn, a PlayStation 4 exclusive that looks to not only help revive survival horror but also revive interactive movie video games.

Until Dawn stars television/movie actress Hayden Panettiere cutting her teeth in the game industry and could be considered a modern day Night Trap. As you can see in the new gameplay footage, players will be thrown headfirst into horror movie situations and their choices will result in the character’s life and death. The modern twist is that these choices will steer the narrative in different ways and characters who die will stay dead in this choose-your-own-way interactive nightmare.

Until Dawn is set for release Summer 2015 on PlayStation 4.