Three Free iPhone Games

Zombie Farm, Lane Splitter, and Video Puzzle

March 30, 2011 by

Rather save your buck or two for the dollar menu at the drive thru? You might miss out on some games worth paying for (Angry Birds Rio review), but I guarantee you can still bank on some great time-killing fun with this trio of apps… FOR FREE!

Zombie Farm

It’s like Farmville… with zombies! By letting you harvest your own zombie army along with your standard (e.g. tomatoes, potatoes, corn) and some not-so-standard crops (e.g. venus flytraps, “spineapples”, candy corn), this cute little game infuses an eccentric twist to your typical farming game. The colorful animation, delightful sound effects, and catchy background music comprise a pleasant presentation that will bring a smile to your face. Vast customization of your farm, the ability to invade enemies, and Game Center integration for achievements provide additional depth that will have you coming back for more. Brains.

Lane Splitter

For some quick pick-up-‘n’-play action, you tilt your phone to steer your crotch rocket through traffic. The smooth graphics hold up as the speed increases, which can really get to tears-in-your-eyes levels if you want to channel your inner Evil Knievel and pop a wheelie. That’s about it! Not much more to say here.

Video Puzzle

In a nutshell this app is a jigsaw puzzle with moving images. But to complicate the challenge, some of the pieces are inverted vertically or mirrored horizontally. The game comes with just five prerecorded puzzles, but the possibilities are truly infinite, and not because there’s a range of five difficulties. Not only can you create puzzles out of your own photos and video library, but you can even make a real-time one using your phone’s camera feed. And if you have an iPhone 4 or iPad, this means you can use the front camera and try to solve a video puzzle of yourself trying to solve a video puzzle. Whoa.