Terminator Salvation’s New Ending

Major Changes Made After Internet Script Leak

March 23, 2009 by

Warner Brothers has just announced that the ending of the film has been completely changed after the Terminator Salvation ending was leaked online last year, “The ending doesn’t resemble the previous one in any shape or form. And more so, the new ending has tested quite well; it’s gotten a much better reaction than the ‘big reveal’ in the script did.” Check out details on the original leaked ending below.

Spoiler Alert!

The original leak had John Connor (Christian Bale) losing his life after fighting a T-800. Feeling it was important to keep the idea that John Connor is still alive, the resistance ripped off Marcus’s skin (Sam Worthington) and put John Connor’s on the skeleton so now Marcus is John Connor. Don’t think it will be hard for the new ending to top this one…