Stark Expo 2010 Website

New Impressive Viral Site for Iron Man 2

March 30, 2010 by

The viral marketing campaign for Iron Man 2 is in full swing with the recent launch of the Stark Expo 2010 website. While Stark Expo 2010 is not a real expo, the quality of the website is so impressive that you would think it was.

The website features images of the faux fairground, videos of Tony Stark’s father and even an interactive map of the expo. The site also features a countdown that as of right now states “38 days … until the 2010 Stark Expo” with another image saying the tickets will be available soon. 38 days of course is the amount of days until Iron Man 2 is released in theaters on May 7th, 2010.

It makes sense that this mysterious website would be launched as the mystery behind the 1974 Stark Expo is the centerpiece of the new film. The storyline of Iron Man 2 is said to involve Tony Stark trying to bring back the Stark Expo which his father, Howard Stark, launched in the 1960’s. The second Iron Man 2 trailer released earlier this month also shows a lot of the Stark Expo locations that are shown as concepts on the viral expo site. Hit the jump for images from the site or check out the site yourself here.