SpyParty Gets a New Identity

In the Form of a New Art Direction

August 27, 2012 by

Making the rounds at various gaming conventions over the past couple years, yet still being one of the most slept on games in the industry, SpyParty has the potential to become the next Limbo, Minecraft, or DayZ in the realm of breakout indie hits. One of the reasons the unique spy game has received so little attention despite receiving so much praise from those who have played it is due to its amateur looking graphics that look like something you might have played over a decade ago, but that’s all about to change as the game’s development ramps up.

In case you’re in the overwhelming majority and have never heard of the game before, SpyParty involves one player assuming the role of a spy attempting to blend in at a upscale party and trying to complete a set of objectives like swapping a statue, contacting another double agent, and bugging the ambassador in the room. It’s the second player’s job to stop this by reading the spy’s tells while watching from an adjacent building through the scope of a sniper rifle. The only problem is, neither player knows who their target is in the room full of partygoers and by being too obvious or picking the wrong person they risk blowing their cover and losing the game.

The game has been in the works on and off since 2008 and its idea is very similar to the multiplayer modes found in the recent wave of Assassin’s Creed games, however, SpyParty involves less action and more tactics that offer a refreshing break from current chaotic multiplayer experiences found in most games now on the market. Now with the developers taking the graphics up a notch and finding a Archer-esque style that reflects the same level of subtlety that the gameplay has, it should be interesting to see the final result. Until then, check out all the latest new images from the new art direction below along with a gameplay video from an older build.