Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)Extra Scenes During and After the Credits

Movie Details

In Theaters: July 7, 2017
On Video: October 17, 2017
Director(s): Jon Watts
Genre(s): Action, Sci-Fi
Production Co.: Marvel Studios
Distributor(s): Sony Pictures
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Website(s): Official Site
Our Review: N/A
Running Time: 133 minutes
Credits Running Time: 10 minutes

During the Credits

There are some extra animations shown at the start of the credits followed by an an extra scene after the first few minutes of credits for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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Toomes is shown walking down a corridor in prison and bumps into Gargan. Gargan tells Toomes that he has men on the outside who want Spider-Man dead and that he could join them. Gargan also tells Toomes that he heard that Toomes knows who Spider-Man really is. Toomes replies, “If I knew who he was, he’d already be dead.”

After the Credits

There is a stinger after the credits of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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In the extra scene, Captain America shows up and talks to the audience about “patience” in the same style of motivation/instructional videos seen throughout the movie. He tells the audience that sometimes the thing you thought that was worth waiting for, isn’t really worth it — basically mocking those still in the audience who waiting for the stinger.

Special thanks to Lisa DuMond and Matthew Lowery for the stinger submissions!

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  • n8dagr8

    There is a scene in the middle of the credits and after.

  • Matthew Lowery

    Just before the first credit scene, there is extra stylish sketch drawing like animations of Spidey and the crew. Really cool animations to watch.

  • mlj11

    Just watched it. I believe the line should be:

    If I knew who he was…

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