Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)Extra Scenes During and After the Credits

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In Theaters: July 5, 2019
On Video: N/A
Director(s): Jon Watts
Genre(s): Action, Sci-Fi
Production Co.: Columbia Pictures
Distributor(s): Sony Pictures
MPAA Rating: N/A
Website(s): Official Site
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Running Time: N/A
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During the Credits

There are extra scenes during the credits of Spider-Man: Far from Home.

In the extra scenes, Spider-Man and MJ are shown finishing up their webslinging through the city. Spider-Man drops off MJ, but before he fully breaks away a news bulletin catches the attention of everyone.

The news anchors says that there is new footage of Mysterio. It then cuts to fabricated footage of Spider-Man & Mysterio’s final minutes of fighting, but cut so that it portrays Spider-Man as the villain. The news anchor then says that this footage was provided by The Daily Buggle—when suddenly J. Jonah Jameson (played by JK Simmons) cuts in and begins railing on Spider-Man.

Jameson finishes by saying that the last part of Mysterio’s message is the most damning and cuts back to video of Mysterio revealing the secret identity of Spider-Man as Peter Parker!

After the Credits

There are also extra scenes after the credits of Spider-Man: Far from Home.

Nick Fury and Maria Hill are seen driving. Fury checks himself in the mirror and when the scene pulls back it shows that Maria Hill was actually a shapeshifted Skrull. Then Fury’s face starts to change to reveal that he is the Skrull Talos.

Talos places a call to someone and tells them that he gave Peter the glasses and that everything went according to plan. Talos then asks the person on the other end when they’re coming back. There is no response.

The scene then cuts to Nick Fury sitting on a beautiful beach with his phone in hand hanging up on Talos. Fury then gets up and starts to walk away from the beach—which then begins to dissolve similarly to Mysterio’s illusions dissolving earlier in the film. As the shot pulls away from Fury it is revealed that Fury is on a space station with other Skrulls. Fury then calls out to everyone within earshot…Are you ready? It’s time to get back to work. (Or words to that effect)

Special thanks to Matt Spencer and David S for the stinger submissions!

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