Saints Row 3 Gameplay

Airstrikes, Furries, Dildos, and Man Cannons

June 24, 2011 by

I’ve taken issue with a lot of recent open world games (L.A. Noire review here) for not taking advantage of the beautiful open world environments their developers create. Rockstar went out of their way just to code L.A. Noire so that people on sidewalks would be as hard to hit as possible and that cars would no longer explode. After Grand Theft Auto 4, there was Saints Row 2, a game which poked fun at the lame activities like bowling and playing darts in GTA4 and featured over-the-top missions that would offend many. Saints Row 3 looks to be no different and take the series to the next level of obscenity.

Check out the gameplay walkthrough below that showcases new features like calling airstrikes, using a giant purple dildo as a weapon, giant hulk hands that cause people to explode upon getting hit, furry costumes, and even a car with a cannon mounted on it that allows you to suck up pedestrians on the street and launch them flying into the sky. Saints Row 3 looks to be everything you could want in a sandbox game and is set for release this year on November 15.