Rockstar Launches Social Club Crews for Max Payne 3

Will Transfer to Grand Theft Auto V

May 9, 2012 by

Max Payne 3 is gearing up for a shootout with Blizzard’s highly anticipated next installment in the Diablo series when both third installments are released in stores next Tuesday. On top of a massive marketing campaign, to get fans of the series even more hyped and prepared for next week, Rockstar Games has just launched a new version of their Social Club with some impressive social media elements.

Players can use Rockstar’s Social Club to view stats of previously played games, but more importantly, users now have the ability to start creating crews (similar to Red Dead Redemption‘s “posses” or clans), which will not only be available once the full version of Max Payne 3 launches, but will also offer players special bonuses for playing together and in the future even allow crews to be transferred over in to Rockstar’s next game, Grand Theft Auto V.

Check out a complete list of features now offered through Rockstar’s Social Club below, and be sure to head on over to the official site to create or join your own crew with friends.

Earn Bonus XP for Playing with Crew Members

They say a good deed is its own reward, but helping out your Crew members in Max Payne 3 multiplayer pays off — big time. Just join a team game with a fellow Crew member and you’ll start receiving bonus XP for select, mutually-beneficial actions, such as rescuing them from near death or assisting them with a kill.

Feud with Rival Crews in Game

Crew Feuds in Max Payne 3 multiplayer trigger automatically when the bloodshed between two opposing Crews becomes too much to ignore. During a Feud, the first faction to notch 10 kills of their rivals wins, earning a heap of extra XP for their efforts. Losing a Feud isn’t all bad, though. You’ll get bonus XP for every kill you contribute towards the overall Crew goal.

Wear Custom Tags and Emblems

Stand out among the crowd with a custom emblem and four-letter Crew tag to represent your faction in game and on the web. All Crew members can utilize the vast library of shapes available in the Social Club Emblem Editor to create one-of-a-kind designs right here on the web and import them into Max Payne 3, where they’ll appear on stat screens and multiplayer avatars.

A Crew for every player

When creating a Crew, leaders have the option to select one of five Crew types:

  • ALL-STARS — The elite who strive to hit the top of the Leaderboards and want to play with and against the very best.
  • SOLDIERS — Those who know the only way to win — by showing your enthusiasm for teamwork … Teamwork.
  • REBELS — They’re here to get the party started or to ruin it — sometimes both.
  • THRILL SEEKERS — For those who prefer anarchic mayhem to ranking up and getting cheevos.
  • CHATTER BOXES — For the gregarious socialites of the Rockstar Games Social Club. Shoot the gift.