Nintendo Announces the Wii U

Project Café Revealed at E3 2011

June 7, 2011 by

If you were expecting Nintendo to reveal a new super console to go head-to-head and even beat PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, you’re most likely a little upset with Nintendo’s 2011 press conference. In typical Nintendo E3 fashion, the boys at Nintendo have once again decided to play it safe. After announcing a bunch of remakes to classic games for the 3DS (Mario Kart 3D, Super Mario 3D, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Starfox 64 3D, and Kid Icarus: Uprising) that will please Nintendo’s younger audiences and fanboys looking for more nostalgia, Nintendo finally announced what everyone has been waiting for, Project Café, or what it is now known as “Wii U”.

The new successor to the Wii has left many scratching their heads (us included) as to what exactly it is. The video packages shown by Nintendo didn’t actually show a console, and instead a weird mash-up of the Nintendo Wii and an iPad with a giant controller that has a 6.2 inch touch screen. There was no actual console shown, so it’s unclear whether Wii U is an actual console, or just a controller add-on to the Wii, or a console in the form of an iPad-style controller.

What was even more confusing was after showcasing a bunch of typical Wii games for Wii U with the added ability to use the touch screen controller, Nintendo showed a video package promising big name titles like Darksiders II and Ghost Recon that would be playable on Wii U. Although there was a nice video package, there was no actual live playing of said games, and even more importantly, there was no mention of a price. The Wii U controller/console (whatever the hell it is) looks somewhat large and awkward to use, especially when playing hardcore games. Even if the console was priced competitively with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, I can’t see any reason to buy it over a 360 or PS3, especially if you already own one of the major consoles. Sadly, Project Café/Wii U looks to be another neat concept that plays more as a gimmick and will be another Nintendo product that will start collecting dust months after purchase.

  • Reggiebuttsmash

    even though it looks funny, nintendo never fails to impress us. Im pretty sure its a new console because at e3 people were playing it and you could see a console next to the tv that didnt look like the wii. Hopefully gamecube controllers will be compatible again since they are releasing a new super smash bros for it.

  • Paul was you not paying attention ! the controller is linked to a console this was mentioned in the conference , also you say it will end up being a flop ? like the Wii 1 was we know how that turned out .
    What i want to know is what are the specs of it it has been mentioned that its 3x more powerful than the other 2 consoles .
    I do agree that the Wii U was very poorly presented and i would hope those who allowed that to happen are given a good talking to .

    • Vinnie Leduc

      Paul was too busy staring at that monstrosity of a controller/console/iPad/portal

  • Hiryuushouten

    You guys forget that the wii was a success it sold more than xbox and ps3 it just wasnt a success with the core audience

  • Anonymous

    They only showed the gamepad they didn’t show the console…specs have been put up on though and it does surpass both the 360/ps3.

  • I like the screen on the controller as developers have the option of giving you more information – a good but simple example would be when playing GTA or something similar you could have a mini map with objectives on the controller screen .

  • C What I Did There?

    Pii U

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