Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)No Extras During or After the Credits

Movie Details

In Theaters: May 15, 2015
On Video: September 1, 2015
Director(s): George Miller
Genre(s): Action
Production Co.: Village Roadshow Pictures
Distributor(s): Warner Bros.
MPAA Rating: R
Website(s): Official Site
Our Review: N/A
Running Time: 120 minutes
Credits Running Time: 7 minutes

During the Credits

There are no extras during the credits of Mad Max: Fury Road.

After the Credits

There is no stinger after the credits of Mad Max: Fury Road.

Songs During the Credits

Excerpts from OST by Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL)

Special thanks to Panos Mamalis, Cory Jones, and Chris C for the stinger submissions!

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User voting closed due to no extras during or after the credits.
You Should LEAVE
User voting closed due to no extras during or after the credits.
  • Panos Mamalis

    There is no stinger during or after the credits.

  • Veeto

    Are you sure?
    P.S.A vote about the 3D? Its Good?

    • Jezamiah

      3D is pretty good

    • David Whittle

      It’s a 3d conversion, but it’s pretty well done.

  • Matthew Lowery

    Just for everyone might know. The closest thing you will get to a stinger is this.

    “A Warner Bros Pictures Presentation”

    “In Assoication with Village Roadshow Pictures”

    “In Association with Ratpac-Dune Entertainment”

    It is placed at the “Very” end of the credits as a cruel joke. They didn’t put it in the front of the movie, or even during the first few minites of the credits like normal credits done. It is after the whole credits. I understand the K/M thing being in front, but usually now these days they have all studios mentioned with each other, but this one just spreads it out.

    It is the closest thing to a stinger. Pretty good movie though.

  • Veeto

    Btw When a review of this movie? The Best of the Year for me.

    • Yeah, I’d agree as the best of the year so far. Ugh, I really want to write one… just really swamped at the moment.

    • Agree with both of you, and I also wish I had time for a review. Here are my quick thoughts: I enjoyed Fury Road IMMENSELY! “Visual poetry”, as a buddy of mine described it. It will be hard for any other film to top this as the best of 2015, but I do anticipate the Academy snubbing it come awards season. However, it’s not so impossible for it to get nominated in many of the aesthetic categories… it definitely deserves to be! Direction, editing, score, cinematography, design, makeup… I particularly liked Nicholas Hoult’s performance, but everybody else was great, too. I absolutely loved the sick design, and many of the little details and ideas of the dystopian world portrayed were so effing cool. I watched the original trilogy for the first time back in 2010, but I honestly do not remember much of it, just that I liked the second movie but didn’t think the first and third movies held up. Fury Road apparently has the most references to that second movie, including a fan theory that Tom Hardy’s Mad Max is the grown-up adult of a boy character in The Road Warrior. I don’t remember how much character development or insight George Miller gave Mad Max in the first three movies, but I felt that Fury Road was the first time that Max was portrayed more as “mad crazy” than “mad angry”, which was cool. Fury Road isn’t really about Max though, as anybody who’s seen the movie realizes immediately. It’s the definition of a visual spectacle. A beautiful action spectacle. Non-stop thrills had me clenching or saying “OH SHIT/FUCK” aloud several times. I think it’s safe to say that it has the best action sequences of the last few years, and it’s probably safe to anoint it as one of the best action movies of all time. Practical effects were very impressive. Oh, the 3D was excellent as well. It’s a shame that the only place in California to see Mad Max in IMAX 3D is at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. This is a movie that should be offered at as many IMAX 3D screens as possible. Tomorrowland and Avengers 2 are currently occupying most of them; I haven’t checked out Tomorrowland, but between Avengers 2 and Fury Road, I’d take Mad Max in a second. Nothing else comes to mind when I try to compare Fury Road overall to something similar. I knew as I watched it that I wanted to rewatch it. I give this movie an A at the very least and a 10/10. My only gripe was that I understood 60% of the dialogue, but I don’t really care because there wasn’t much anyway and I’ll gladly rewatch it on video with subtitles in a few months.