Jimmy Fallon’s Blog Confirms Gears of War 3

Late Night Official Site Confirms Unannounced Game

April 12, 2010 by

Last Friday morning, Xbox 360 users who logged on to the Xbox Live Dashboard were treated to a random Gears of War 3 ad that was supposed to be timed to display the morning after CliffyB’s big announcement Thursday night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. That announcement that was never made due to CliffyB being bumped for Justin Bieber and postponed for this Monday night.

Today, it looks like Microsoft aren’t the only people who like to spoil surprises. When going to the official Late Night with Jimmy Fallon website (here) to make sure CliffyB wasn’t bumped again from tonight’s show, I happened to notice the first blog post on the front page showing a random man wielding a giant Lancer. The post states:

“Oh no big deal. Just a Lancer Assualt Rifle from the all new Gears Of War 3 produced by Project Triforce. Oh, and there’s a Locust Drone behind me. You know, normal Monday. Tune in tonight to see more Gears of War 3 news and see some exclusive footage from GOW3. Yes? YES.”

So much for surprises right? RIGHT. I guess Cory Cavin, blogger for Fallon didn’t get the memo that CliffyB and Epic Games have still not officially announced what exactly they will be showing off tonight on the show.