Jack and Jill Trailer

Adam Sandler Plays Himself and His Sister

July 9, 2011 by

Remember when you were younger and Adam Sandler used to make good movies? Okay, so the premise of his movies wasn’t always the greatest — a degenerate guy that has to go back through every grade of school to get his father’s company and a failed hockey player who becomes the world’s #1 golfer due to his unique form. Nevertheless, the movies were original, funny, entertaining, and perfect comedies in the ’90s. Sandler even made joke CD’s with vulgar sketches that were unlike anything on television or in movies which would make you laugh so hard you’d cry.

Sadly, it seems like those days are long gone with Sandler not starring in a good movie since 2007’s Reign Over Me, where he played a serious role that was opposite of his usual typecasted self. Over the years his movies just get worse and worse. Case in point: 2010’s Grown Ups and now Sandler’s latest movie, Jack and Jill, where Sandler will play the same old character but with the twist being that he’s also playing his obnoxious twin sister. Sandler even poked fun at himself in 2009’s Funny People with his character being a comic that constantly starred in movies with ridiculous premises, but even those movies look more entertaining than this. It’s good to see Sandler going down the Eddie Murphy route; it seemed to work great in Norbit.