Inversion Trailer

Your World Turned Upside Down

February 21, 2012 by

Inversion, not to be confused with a game based on the movie Inception, despite the weird gravity-defying visuals and heavy use of Inception‘s BRAAAAAAAAHMMs to score the trailer, is a pretty interesting concept. We got a chance to quickly check it out at E3 last year and were pleased by its Gears of War cover-and-shoot mechanics mixed with Infamous-like powers that allow players to have a direct effect on the gravitational pull of areas around them. In short: using a special device, you can choose to either decrease gravity so that everything floats up or increase gravity so that everything is pulled down or use a combination of both to lift enemies and other objects up and then slam them down.

There’s a lot more to Inversion than just raising objects up and slamming them down as the latest trailer hints at in the end with entire levels shifting perspective during massive shootouts. Inversion is an ambitious project that is trying to turn the typical third-person shooter upside down (literally), and if anything, is worth at least a rent when it’s released October 2, 2012, on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.