Infamous: Second Son Trailer

Sony's Best Looking PlayStation 4 Game from E3 2013

June 14, 2013 by

One of the most impressive looking games at Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal event was once again one of the best looking games at this year’s E3.

Finally showing off some gameplay, the team at Sucker Punch has clearly been hard at work after Infamous 2 with their new spin off, Infamous: Second Son. I’ve always been more of a Prototype fan myself, but the latest in the Infamous series looks like it could easily become not just better than the Prototype franchise, but the best superhero game ever.

In the gameplay demo we got to see, we were shown how new protagonist Delsin Rowe plays in the visually stunning new open world environment powered by the PlayStation 4’s next-gen processing abilities. The gameplay looked just as good as the teaser shown back in February and it seemed like almost everything in the open world could be destroyed.

One of the best changes is that the generic and boring Cole MacGrath has been replaced with the hipster punk Rowe, whose animation nails the feeling of what it would be like for a carefree young adult to gains access to superpowers, and then use said superpowers to have fun kicking some ass. You can really tell how much Sucker Punch is trying to make a more memorable character just in the way Rowe walks, talks, and even how he acts when seamlessly taking down enemy after enemy like Nightcrawler from X-men.

Although we didn’t get to see much in the short demo of Second Son, we did get to see a some new abilities such as being able to instantly fly through pipes and pull off crazy maneuvers that require special camera transitions (with no delay) to set the shot up and make the scene look even more awesome. You can see an example how the camera transitions at the very end of the trailer below when Rowe is shown flying up in the air, just to give a close-up of his smile, before he rockets back down causing a wave of destruction on the enemy military units below.

Infamous: Second Son is set to launch Q1 of 2014 exclusively on PlayStation 4.