Hitman: Absolution ‘Run for Your Life’ Trailer

Square Enix Releases Their Amazing 17-Minute E3 Gameplay Demo

October 11, 2011 by

One of our favorite games from E3 this year was Hitman: Absolution. Despite the Hitman series being big enough to have its own (although crappy) movie adaptation, the game series has still flown under the radar for the past five years with 2006’s Blood Money being the last time gamers have seen Agent 47. Not knowing that the latest in the series was going to be shown off behind closed doors by Square Enix at this year’s E3, we were pleasantly shocked by what we saw, so much so that we named Absolution E3 2011’s Biggest Surprise. Like a cinematic experience, the demo was amazing just to watch, so imagine how fun it must be to play.

While we got to see it firsthand and described our feelings and excitement for the incredible Absolution experience in our E3 preview, seeing is truly believing, and now you can see it for yourself, too, because Square Enix has released the full 17-minute demo featuring actual gameplay footage that was previously shown behind closed doors only at E3. The engaging gameplay trailer below doesn’t include commentary from the developers, so be sure to check out our preview from E3 for some extra information regarding Hitman: Absolution that we got straight from the devs themselves.