Hands-On Far Cry 3 at E3 2012

We Play with Tigers in the New 4-Player Co-Op

June 14, 2012 by

Last year at Ubisoft’s E3 media briefing we were blown away when viewing the visually stunning demo for what would be announced at the end of the teaser as Far Cry 3. This year good ol’ Dan Hay took the stage to again set the tone for another mind-blowing look at the gameplay. But this year is different, Hay explained, in gameplay shown at this year’s show; we’re taken later in to the game’s story where main character Jason is no longer the victim and is now on the hunt himself.

Far Cry 3 looks very unique in that it will merge a lot of trippy drug-induced elements into open world gameplay as the lead protagonist takes a journey into the heart of insanity on an island full of crazy people. In the E3 2012 demo you can watch out below, we’re shown Jason assaulting Voss’ (“definition of insanity” star from the last trailer) fortress and all hell breaking loose. There are now even tigers that can be unleashed onto the battlefield in the middle of shootouts. How crazy is that?!

Hay also made another big reveal at this year’s show by announcing that the game will feature four player co-op. We got a chance to also go hands-on with the co-op shown at the briefing when we were on the showroom floor and were impressed with how well it worked. Co-op still seems slightly tacked on when compared to how epic the singleplayer campaign’s story is, but it’s definitely added value we’ll take for free and that will for sure keep players entertained even longer if they ever find their way out of the jungle in singleplayer.

Far Cry 3 was visually the best looking game we saw at last year’s show, and even a year later it’s still holding on as one of the best. The more we see, the more it drives us insane knowing that we won’t be able to get our hands on it until September 4, 2012. Thankfully, that release date is getting closer and closer, and it’s now only a few more months until the game is released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.