First Viral Site for Super 8

New Website Teases J.J. Abrams' Secret

May 11, 2010 by

Just a couple days ago the first teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams’ new sci-fi thriller Super 8 debuted during the coming attractions of Iron Man 2. Today, the official site for Super 8 launched and people have already figured out the secret message during the trailer that leads to a new viral website.

During the end of the trailer, letters quickly flash through the lens of a camera. While the letters flash by too quick to read, someone has taken the time to screen capture each letter one by one. While each frame alone is still illegible, when combined correctly the letters spell out “SCARIEST THING I EVER SAW” which has lead to the discovery of a new viral site ScariestThingIEverSaw.com.

The new viral website loads a computer desktop and a PDP-11 boot screen with the option to input “Yes” or “No” to continue. After repeatedly answering “Y” for “Yes” the system tries to load external data which gets stuck accessing file list B4. The loading of B4 is very slow and most likely a timer counting down to something.

The name “D. Morris” is also listed in the code which could be a real life reference to Master Sergeant Dan Morris who is a retired Air Force career Master Sergeant who was involved in the extraterrestrial projects for many years. More information about Dan Morris from bibliotecapleyades.net:

Dan Morris is a retired Air Force career Master Sergeant who was involved in the extraterrestrial projects for many years. After leaving the Air Force, he was recruited into the super-secret National Reconnaissance Organization, or NRO, during which time he worked specifically on extraterrestrial-connected operations. He had a cosmic top-secret clearance (38 levels above top secret) which, he states, no U.S. president, to his knowledge, has ever held. In his testimony, he talks of assassinations committed by the NSA; he tells how our military deliberately caused the 1947 ET craft crashes near Roswell, and captured one of the ETs, which they kept at Los Alamos for 3 years, until he died. He talks about the intelligence teams that were charged with intimidating, discrediting, and even eliminating witnesses to ET/UFO events. He talks about Germany’s re-engineering of UFOs, even prior to WWII. He talks about our current energy crisis — and the fact that we haven’t needed fossil fuels since the 1940s, when free energy technologies were developed — but have been kept from humanity. This is the real reason for the secrecy of the ET/UFO subject. “What the people in power right now don’t want us to know is that this free energy is available to everybody.” In conclusion, he warns against the weaponization of space and the shooting down of ET craft — this could force them to retaliate, and that would be our destruction.

Another secret is if you try to print the pages, you get the prompt:

Stop posting publicly. I can answer your questions.
I have proof.

The 1080p HD version of the trailer has been posted by Apple here, which has lead to the following screen shot.