Final ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Fixes Bane’s Voice

Batman Fans Will No Longer Require Subtitles For Villain

May 1, 2012 by

Marvel’s Avengers hits theaters in a few days, but leave it to the comic book studio’s historic rival, DC’s and Warner Bros.’ Batman, to try to suck the air out of The Avengers hype this week. The latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, our top pick for Most Anticipated Movie of 2012, just dropped, and there’s plenty of teasing reveals along with some stuff we’ve seen previously in the last trailer.

You can check that all out for yourself in beautiful HD below, but what’s most notable is that it seems like Christopher Nolan has listened to and addressed the biggest concern/complaint, which arose last winter in the otherwise thrilling prologue attached to a handful of IMAX theaters playing the most recent installment of Mission: Impossible. Scratchy McMumbles’ Bane’s indecipherable voice has been fixed, so viewers won’t be needing subtitles for the movie after all. Phew!

Hat tip to gsbedi for the trailer notification!

  • Xen11-rises

    His voice sounds worse.   I actually didn’t understand him this time when it was supposed to be fixed.   It sounds like its dubbed and the person dubbing it was swallowing the microphone.  

    • “Xen11-rises” haha nice. Bane says “I’m Gotham’s reckoning” (I did have a little trouble figuring out that last word) and “Your punishment must be more severe” (I guess that sounds a bit goofy, Paul). It seems like Anne Hathaway’s nailed Catwoman down though.

  • Certain parts were clear but then others he was still hard to hear. The voice also sounds kind of goofy to me. Tom Hardy is a bad-ass, but I’m still not feelin’ Bane… He better fuck shit up and kill Batman or there’s no way he’s topping Ledger’s Joker.

  • ledunc

    Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman is a good or bad guy? I think they did a good job fixing Bane’s voice other than the fact that it sounds like its a dubb – either way, I can understand at least 1 word he said

  • Xen11-rises

    Yea, I’m in love with the way Selina Kyle is portrayed just from the trailers.

    Bane is great as well.   The only thing I didn’t like was when he first talked in this trailer.   “Gotham’s Reckoning” part.  It sounded like they cut it out and pasted it, as if it didn’t fit at all with the movie.    I liked the original voice much more.     But it is just a trailer, so final finish is always pending.  

  • Xen11-rises

    I also hate the cliche at the end of the trailer.    It’s a very well done, beautiful, moving trailer and then they tack on this bullshit after the title.  The music stops, a secondary character says something as a question, and then the macho lead replies with some corny “badass” comeback and then *holy shit awesome tech showoff moment*.   It happens in every superhero trailer.   

    It ruined The Dark Knight trailer with that “Will you be wanting the batpod sir?”  “Middle of the day Alfred, not very subtle.”       It was very heavy and emotional leading to the title screen where they should stop, but no,  *insert cliche corny “oh he’s a badass” ‘isn’t it funny’ moment*.