Final ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Fixes Bane’s Voice

Batman Fans Will No Longer Require Subtitles For Villain

May 1, 2012 by

Marvel’s Avengers hits theaters in a few days, but leave it to the comic book studio’s historic rival, DC’s and Warner Bros.’ Batman, to try to suck the air out of The Avengers hype this week. The latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, our top pick for Most Anticipated Movie of 2012, just dropped, and there’s plenty of teasing reveals along with some stuff we’ve seen previously in the last trailer.

You can check that all out for yourself in beautiful HD below, but what’s most notable is that it seems like Christopher Nolan has listened to and addressed the biggest concern/complaint, which arose last winter in the otherwise thrilling prologue attached to a handful of IMAX theaters playing the most recent installment of Mission: Impossible. Scratchy McMumbles’ Bane’s indecipherable voice has been fixed, so viewers won’t be needing subtitles for the movie after all. Phew!

Hat tip to gsbedi for the trailer notification!