Farpoint Story Trailer

PlayStation VR's Exclusive Triple-A Title Set for Launch

April 18, 2017 by

While VR is undoubtedly a unique experience that’s unlike anything else in recent tech innovations, the adoption rate hasn’t been as explosive as enthusiast would have hoped. Due partially to the steep entry cost for extra VR equipment and lack of deep storytelling experiences offered by VR games, many have been waiting for an amazing game to help them decide which VR platform to go with.

Sony has yet to have a killer app that makes the $399 PlayStation VR headset a necessity for PS4 owners… but the hardware developer/publisher is trying to change that with Farpoint, a single-player/co-op space adventure shooter that’s exclusive to PSVR.

Now, with Farpoint’s launch one month away on May 16, 2017, Sony has released a story trailer showcasing the game’s impressive visuals and characters — which should, if anything, make current PSVR owners pleased.

As big fans of Oculus and Vive and their motion controllers, our experience with the PSVR/PS4 controller combo at E3 last year wasn’t very thrilling when compared to its VR competition. Sony is trying to remedy some of the movement issues we experienced by also offering an official VR aim controller gun for $59.99 on May 16. The Aim Controller is also being sold with Farpoint as part of a special bunduru for a more reasonable price of $79.99.