Evolve ‘Evacuation’ Story Teaser Trailer

4v1 or 12v3?

December 2, 2014 by

2K Games and Turtle Rock have just released a new trailer entitled “Evacuation” for the story of their upcoming highly anticipated competitive shooter, Evolve. Wait… what? Story?

Yep, in the latest trailer the developers are now teasing a backstory where “Twelve elite hunters are sent to a distant colony planet to hunt a monstrous threat.” But exactly how much of the game is going to be focused on storytelling is still unclear even after the latest alpha test and this trailer… could Evolve have a full singleplayer/co-op story mode and multiplayer modes with A.I. teammates?

Considering their history with the Left 4 Dead series and the industry’s growing trend of trying to seamlessly merge competitive multiplayer with storytelling elements taken from singleplayer campaigns, like we just saw with the aesthetically similar Titanfall, it would make sense that the developers are at the very least adding in cinematic prologues before each match and even more storytelling elements and objectives during multiplayer matches.

Evolve‘s marketing campaign has been all about 4 players versus 1 monster, so it’s unlikely that there could be a 12v3 mode (at least not at launch) and more likely that each unique character/class will just be an option when picking a member of the four player team as you can see on Evolve‘s official website.

With Titanfall‘s player counts dwindling since its release, this seems more like Turtle Rock’s attempt to add even more background to the new world and characters they’ve created in Evolve that can help players feel like there’s more at stake every single match and want to stick around even longer.