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Diablo III (2012): No Extras During or After the Credits

Posted by on May 14, 2012

Release Date: May 15, 2012
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Actor(s): Michael Gough (Deckard Cain), Jennifer Hale (Leah), Lani Minella (Adria), J.B. Blanc (Diablo), Rick D. Wasserman (Imperius), Jonathan Adams (Tyrael)
Platform(s): PC
ESRB: M for Mature
Website(s): Official Site
Our Review: N/A
Game Length: N/A
Credits Length: N/A

During the Credits

There are no extras during the credits of Diablo III, besides a picture of Diablo in the background with a blue hue instead of red.

After the Credits

There are no extras after the credits of Diablo III, besides the Inferno difficulty mode being unlocked.

Special thanks to Fizzicist for the stinger submission!

  • Fizzicist

    Just beat Diablo at the end of Diablo 3. After the credits finish rolling, it just takes you back to the main menu of the game. At least for normal difficulty anyway.

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