Destiny Hits $500 Million in Sales on Day One

Bungie and Activision's Latest is the Biggest New Video Game Launch Ever

September 10, 2014 by

Living up to the hype (or at least the sales hype since no legitimate reviews have been posted yet), Destiny has officially become the biggest new video game launch ever. After a phenomenal first day of sales, Bungie and Activision are reporting that their new IP has sold over $500 million into retail. So it looks like the stellar ad campaign worked and that the biggest video game investment of all time is paying off for its backers.

Destiny‘s release easily topped the previous record for a new franchise set in May by Watch Dogs. When comparing other record-setting launches by sequels, Destiny is still well short of Call Of Duty: Ghosts‘ $1 billion in Day 1 sales and Grand Theft Auto V‘s $800 million.

Destiny is now predicted to sell around 15 million copies if sales continue at this pace. Considering that this is the first game in the Destiny series, which is supposed to span over the next ten years, Bungie’s latest hit looks destined to become the biggest thing in the video game industry when its sequel is released.