Darth Schwarzenegger

User-Created Dubbed 'Star Wars' Clips

August 5, 2010 by

Movie news has been terribly slow since Comic-Con ended. The only stories worth talking about are trailers that were exclusively shown at Comic-Con and found their way on to the internet; unfortunately, those trailers (Thor) have all been quickly taken down by request of the production studios. But with slow news weeks comes the discovery of hidden gems on sites like YouTube, which feature hilarious user-created mashups of classic movies with unlikely cameos and alternate versions.

YouTube user Peatman is the genius behind the idea of taking clips of Star Wars with Darth Vader and replacing James Earl Jones’ voice with classic sound clips of Arnold Schwarzenegger. As a result, we get Darth Schwarzenegger, and pure awesomeness. The only problem with the user-made clip, is that it’s not long enough, we need an entire Star Wars with Arnold soundboards dubbed over the original voice acting! Here’s a description from the creator:

An earlier casting of Star Wars IV: A New Hope saw Arnold Schwarzenegger put a juvenile, jealous and rather perverted spin on Darth Vader’s explosive personality. George Lucas had second thoughts and cast James Earl Jones instead. Enjoy these exclusive clips from the “lost tapes” archives of Skywalker Ranch.