Blizzard Reveals Yet Another New PvE Mode for Overwatch

Overwatch 'Retribution' 4-Player Co-Op Coming Next Week

April 5, 2018 by

When Blizzard cancelled their super-secret World of Warcraft sequel, Project Titan, we were left heartbroken at the thought of what could have been. But when Blizzard revealed they would be using assets from the failed MMO to create a new shooter, Overwatch instantly won us back over.

With Overwatch starting off purely as a competitive shooter, the game’s first Halloween-themed PvE event was a welcome change and had us once again wondering if Blizzard might start adding more co-op modes… slowly building Overwatch into a lighter version of Titan with more dungeon-like loot-box-grinding missions.

Sure enough, one year ago, Blizzard added a second PvE “Uprising” event and now they’re adding yet another timed PvE mode called Retribution.

Overwatch’s new 4-player co-op mission will focus on Reaper, McCree, Hanzo, Genji, and Moira with the heroes this time taking on the Blackwatch mission from the comics. The new free seasonal mode is set to start on April 10.