Australian Billionaire Trying to Develop Jurassic Park

No... not another movie... a real park with dinosaurs.

August 1, 2012 by

Eccentric billionaire Clive Palmer has everyone talking, yet again, after new reports in the Sunshine Coast newspaper suggest that he’s attempting to build a real-life Jurassic Park. Palmer, who is known for his crazy ideas like his recently announced plans to build a 21st century replica of the Titanic, apparently hasn’t seen the ending of Titantic or Jurassic Park, and is said to be in serious discussions with the same people who successfully cloned Dolly the sheep.

The rumor is that Palmer’s plan is to let his cloned dinosaurs roam free in a Jurassic Park-type sanctuary at his Palmer Resort in Coolum. Palmer has yet to confirm or deny his plans with his spokesman saying that Mr. Palmer will holding a press conference in Brisbane on Friday.

Hopefully he doesn’t plan to transport his dinos on the Titanic… then again, that double catastrophe could result in an epic war with the U.S. after the dinosaurs escape and wreak havoc on the rest of the world, leading to us having to clone Reagan and the picture used for this post becoming an awesome reality.