WWE Rebooting ‘Leprechaun’

Plus Chucky Getting a Reboot and a Sequel

March 31, 2012 by

After going to space, the hood, and even back 2 the hood, WWE Studios and Lionsgate are once again bringing the iconic killer Leprechaun back. WWE’s Hornswoggle (Dylan Postl) will be playing the part of the evil Leprechaun after playing a family-friendly one catering to WWE’s younger fans for the past five years. Although WWE’s Hornswoggle was a character geared towards children in WWE’s PG era, the first initial poster has actor Dylan Postl doing his best angry dwarf impression that likely means WWE will be keeping the adult theme like their previous horror flick See No Evil.

Further details on WWE’s new Leprechaun project are slim with there yet to even be a writer or director announced, but judging by the first initial picture and WWE’s track record, this can already be summed up as another terrible idea from WWE Studios. But with the Leprechaun series already a complete joke, can WWE manage to actually make it any worse?

Speaking of pissed off evil midgets getting a remake after being turned into walking punch lines, MGM and Universal have been working on rebooting the Child’s Play series with a dark, less comedic feel AND making a sequel called Revenge of Chucky with the goal of making Chucky scary again. With films like Freddy vs. Jason pitting horror’s biggest juggernauts against each other and the genre’s two most iconic evil midgets coming back, it begs the question: Why not just make a Chucky vs. Leprechaun film?