WildStar Features Trailer

Is your body ready for launch?!

May 27, 2014 by

Many MMORPGs have come and gone over the past decade, but Blizzard’s World of Warcraft still stands tall as the top dog in the industry… that could all change with WildStar.

While it probably won’t kill WoW, NCSoft’s upcoming MMO looks to be doing just about everything right and improving on everything that made WoW such a success. If there’s one game coming out in the near-future that will be stealing hardcore raiders and PVPers away from their beloved World of Warcraft, it will likely be WildStar.

Check out the latest trailer that shows off just how all of WildStar‘s features are trying to evolve the MMORPG genre while still appealing to the hardcore audience that made it what it is today. WildStar is set for release on June 3, 2014, with early access via pre-orders starting on May 31, 2014.