Why Him? (2016)Extra Scenes During the Credits

Movie Details

In Theaters: December 23, 2016
On Video: March 28, 2017
Director(s): John Hamburg
Genre(s): Comedy, Romance
Production Co.: 21 Laps Entertainment
Distributor(s): 20th Century Fox
MPAA Rating: R
Website(s): Official Site
Our Review: N/A
Running Time: 111 minutes
Credits Running Time: 6 minutes

During the Credits

There is an extra scene during the credits of Why Him?. It starts near the beginning of the credits and lasts a minute and a half.

The stinger is a FaceTime call from Gustav (Keegan-Michael Key). After explaining that moving to Michigan has inspired him to change his facial hair, Gustav describes the success of the toilet factory that Laird, Ned, and Scotty have formed from the old printing company. The toilets, water efficient and eco-friendly, have been called “the Tesla of toilets” by Fast Company. Barb has made sure that each toilet has a state-of-the-art vaginal cleanse, and every single model comes with Justine. Scotty has finally gotten his seat at the table, but he may have gone too far with “the dragons, and the titties, and the motorboating.” Zoey leads the new foundation’s campaign to sponsor sewage projects all over the third world. Gustav proudly announces that Laird has finally gotten what he’s always wanted: to be part of a family. Laird tries to sneak attack Gustav at the end of the call.

After the Credits

There is no stinger after the credits of Why Him?.

Songs During the Credits

“Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight)” by Ramones
“Rock & Roll All Nite ”by KISS
Excerpts from OST by Theodore Shapiro

Special thanks to Steve Deary and Aaron Wills for the stinger submissions!

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