Tron Legacy Trailer

Flynn Lives

March 10, 2010 by

Discovered on the viral site Flynn Lives, the latest trailer for Tron Legacy explains the plot, unlike the first teaser trailer. Alan Bradley is shown telling Sam Flynn that he has heard a signal from Sam’s lost father, Kevin.

Leading to Sam investigating at the old Flynn’s Arcade, where he finds evidence that his father had been working on an unknown secret project. Explained as work that could “Change everything… science, medicine, religion.” Sam accesses a gateway to a new digital world where he finds his father.

Both the trailer and the movie look amazing, the only thing that doesn’t look amazing is the release date. 12-17-2010?! That’s still a good 9 months away! I guess there’s Clash of the Titans next month to satisfy my 3D needs. Check out the full HD trailer below.