Transformers 2 Got Out of Hand

According to Shia LaBeouf in Latest Interview

May 13, 2010 by

Whether you liked the first Transformers film or not, almost everyone can agree that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was awful. While the sequel’s action may have been bigger and better,  that’s all it had, leaving viewers with an awful rehashed version of the first film filled with jokes that fell flat and an ending that left everyone scratching their heads.

Turns out even Shia LaBeouf agrees with his latest comments at the Cannes Film Festival:

When I saw the second movie, I wasn’t impressed with what we did. There were some really wild stunts in it, but the heart was gone. We got lost. We tried to get bigger. It’s what happens to sequels. It’s like, how do you top the first one? You’ve got to go bigger. Mike went so big that it became too big, and I think you lost the anchor of the movie. … You lost a bit of the relationships. Unless you have those relationships, then the movie doesn’t matter. Then it’s just a bunch of robots fighting each other.

In regards to Transformers 3 LaBeouf said:

There’s going to be a lot of death, human death. This time, they’re targeting humans. It’s going to be the craziest action movie ever made, or we failed.

While I appreciate LaBeouf admitting that Revenge of the Fallen was a disaster and that Transformers 3 will improve upon the mistakes of the second film, his second statement completely contradicts everything he says in his first. His solution to the second movie getting out of hand is to make the third the craziest action movie ever made? That can’t be a good sign.