Tomb Raider at E3 2012

Square Enix Shows Off Even More Mature Gameplay

June 13, 2012 by

After debuting gameplay at Microsoft’s media briefing last year and showing off even more footage behind closed doors, the Crystal Dynamics team again took to the Microsoft stage during this year’s briefing to present their take on the origin story of Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. With last year focusing more on how elements such as fire and water play a role in solving puzzles during gameplay, this year was all about showing off the action.

We were very impressed with the new direction shown off last year, and this year the game looks even better — dare I say as good if not even a little better than the Uncharted series? If anything, the story looks to be much more mature than Uncharted, dealing with breaking Lara down in similar fashion to Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins and dealing with very serious subject matters such as when she’s forced to kill animals and humans for the first time in order to survive.

Check out footage from Microsoft’s 2012 media briefing and the game’s latest trailer and synopsis below:

A young Lara Croft has already proven herself to be a survivor, but one on the cusp of an extraordinary adventure. Caught in the clutches of an enigmatic island, Lara is captured by hostile natives and faced with a traumatic and character-defining decision. On this island, forces beyond her control leave Lara little alternative but to ruthlessly fight for her life.