The Goon on Kickstarter

David Fincher Looking for Help Funding the R-Rated Animation

October 15, 2012 by

Animated films are almost always a hit, so an adult-themed one backed by acclaimed filmmaker David Fincher (Fight Club, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) seems like something very interesting that Hollywood would be chomping at the bit to produce. That however isn’t the case, and no Hollywood studios seem to think The Goon, a comic book series that mixes both a comical and violent atmosphere with a paranormal slant, can translate into box office success.

Fincher is now looking for help with the funding of the project that he’s been trying to develop for years along with original creator Eric Powell and voice actors Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown. It’s good to see that Fincher isn’t giving up on the project that many people, myself included, want to see get made into a full-length film. But it’s also somewhat strange and controversial that such a high profile person in the industry is looking for help on Kickstarter — a site where those who don’t have millions of dollars and haven’t had their big break yet are trying to get help.

Obviously, it wouldn’t be fair to ask Fincher to fund the entire film out of his own pocket, but the Kickstarter isn’t for funding the actual movie and instead is going towards creating a feature length story reel based on Powell’s script that will help create awareness of the project to get the attention of studios — something most filmmakers do with their own money as asking moviegoers to fund the making of a project that they’ll eventually have to pay for is business backwards. But an R-rated animated flick dealing with various undead creatures/zombies, ghosts, ghouls, mutants, skunk-apes with an unnatural hunger for pies, giant squids, mob/gang leaders, extra-dimensional aliens, mad scientists, robots, and more seems like a worthy cause.

To help chip in to the cause and get the movie one step closer to being made, check out the official Kickstarter page and the video below.